A man joins a young boy to play the piano and wows the crowd with a Queen classic… Airport people forgot where they were

St. Pancras International Station in London is home to a lone piano that attracts millions of travelers every day. Visitors can showcase their musical talents by playing the piano.
In 2019, a 12-year-old musician named Cole Lam mesmerized the crowd with an amazing rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” A video capturing the moment shows Cole playing the tune with such skill that one could mistake him for an experienced adult pianist.
Cole is a multi-talented musician and singer-songwriter, as mentioned on his YouTube page. He performed with all his heart and soul, closing his eyes and captivating the audience. The incredible moment was shared online, and the video quickly went viral.

It’s worth noting that the piano was donated by Sir Elton John himself. While there are many performers who entertain tourists at the station, very few are as skilled as Cole Lam.
His performance is a testament to the power of music and how it can bring people together. Visitors to the station can still enjoy playing the piano and perhaps even create their moment of musical magic.