Man Refuses to Take Wife off Life Support, Prays for 2 Months until She Wakes up and Hugs Newborn Son

A pregnant woman from Indiana suffered health complications that forced an emergency C-section. That was only the start of her challenging journey. She spent months in a coma, but her prayerful husband refused to give up.

Autumn and Zack Carver were excited to welcome their third child together. The couple met as teenagers and had a beautiful love story. However, they never expected the painful chapter waiting for them in 2021.

During Autumn’s eighth month of pregnancy, she and Zack fell ill. The doting mom was hospitalized and gave birth to her baby boy, Huxley. He was healthy and happy, but his mom in the ICU was fighting for her life.
The Worst Day of His Life
What was intended to be one of the happiest days in the couple’s life turned out to be the opposite. Zack called it “the worst day in [his] life.”
Autumn’s primary doctor didn’t think she would survive the ordeal, and after two months on life support, the doctor suggested Zack switch off the machines and let Autumn pass away peacefully. But Zack refused to stop believing his wife would make a full recovery.
The experience was unforgettable for everyone and meant the world to the sickly mom. The special meeting was an answer to one of Zack’s prayers.
He prayed for her every second of the day and had an army of online prayer warriors trusting God for a miracle. Despite a zero percent chance of survival, they had faith.
The Husband’s Request

Zack couldn’t imagine a world without Autumn and said, “I don’t know life without her.” He was heartbroken that his wife hadn’t had the chance to hold her new baby boy, so he made a special request to the doctors. He asked them to bring Autumn out of a sedated state so she could see and hold baby Huxley. He knew it could be the first and last time she did this, so he pleaded with the medical team. They agreed and granted the mom an unforgettable moment with her precious child.